Euphoria Ticket #876: configure script requires cleanup

  • configure should not erase the previous config.gnu if the option "--help" is chosen, or any other non-valid choice. Moved all file output until after options are parsed.
  • OS X Darwin reports i386 in uname, but is capable of running 64-bit apps. Changed the default arch of newer versions of OS X to x86-64.
  • Added logic to select eui and euc based on $BUILDDIR. This could probably be improved.
    • Default:
    • If $BUILDDIR/euc then use that
    • Else use $PATH/eui and $SOURCEDIR/euc.ex
    • *
    • if $EUBIN/eui then use that and $SOURCEDIR/euc.ex
    • *
    • --use-source-translator
    • If $BUILDDIR/eui then use that and $SOURCEDIR/euc.ex
    • Else use $EUBIN/eui and $SOURCEDIR/euc.ex
    • *
    • --use-binary-translator
    • if $BUILDDIR/euc then use that
    • Else if $EUBIN/euc then use that
    • Else use $PATH/euc
    • *
  • None of configure's variables need to be exported to the shell or to child processes. Removed export keyword.
  • Don't output unset variables to config.gnu.
  • Output status messages to the terminal.

I'd like to rewrite configure and Makefile.gnu to be closer to the GNU standards, but still be manual and not using autoconf. I've already started making some notes regarding configure and I think that will be pretty straightforward.

Tested on OS X and Linux; untested on Windows and ARM.


Type: Task Severity: Normal Category: Build System
Assigned To: jaygade Status: Fixed, Please Confirm Reported Release: 4.1.0
Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone:

1. Comment by jaygade Jun 21, 2013

See: hg:euphoria/rev/bdcbd57525de

changeset: 6127:bdcbd57525de tag: tip user: Jason Gade <> date: Thu Jun 20 23:14:51 2013 -0700 files: source/configure description: configure file cleanup. See ticket:876


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