Euphoria Ticket #851: eu.cfg relative paths

A relative path in eu.cfg seems to work relative to the current dir (or something similar, I haven't investigated). It would be useful to be able to specify a path relative to the eu.cfg file itself. This would make it much easier to distribute euphoria as a tarball / zip file.

We could use something like an asterisk or dollar sign or question mark. So:

-- bin/eu.cfg 
-i $/../include 
-lib $/eu.a 

That would point the binaries in the bin dir to the local std library and the translator to the bundled runtime library.


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1. Comment by rkdavis Feb 20, 2013

if we are adding that can we please (unless i really am being braindead and it does already work as expected and i'm just useless at doing it) have $HOME support too. we have getenv() so it shouldn't be too hard to add (famous last words)

2. Comment by jimcbrown Feb 20, 2013

Wait, what? Doesn't ~ work?

3. Comment by rkdavis Feb 20, 2013

doesn't seem to cat eu.cfg [all] -d E32 -eudir $HOME/euphoria -i $HOME/euphoria/include [translate] -gcc -con -com $HOME/euphoria -lib-pic $HOME/euphoria/source/build/euso.a -lib $HOME/euphoria/source/build/eu.a [bind] -eub $HOME/euphoria/source/build/eub ukscone@welham ~/euphoria/source $ euc ../demo/allsorts.ex User supplied library does not exist: /home/ukscone/euphoria/source/$HOME/euphoria/source/build/eu.a

4. Comment by jimcbrown Feb 20, 2013

Right, but doesn't ~ work?

5. Comment by mattlewis Feb 20, 2013


The point Jim and I have made is that you should use a tilde (~) instead of $HOME.

6. Comment by rkdavis Feb 20, 2013

sort of

7. Comment by mattlewis Feb 20, 2013

It's probably time for a better solution to EUCOMPILEDIR. We should have a configuration option for that. Really, it just points us toward euphoria.h.

8. Comment by ne1uno Feb 21, 2013

-- bin/eu.cfg  
-i ./../include  

9. Comment by mattlewis Feb 21, 2013

OK, we have a solution for EUCOMPILEDIR (-com) but it isn't documented. A lot of command line options appear to be undocumented.


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