Euphoria Ticket #791: The 4.1 branch still has a setup file for the OpenWatcom bundled installer.

The 4.1 branch, aka the default branch, still has a setup file that generated the bundled OpenWatcom installer.

This should either be removed, or replaced with a MinGW-bundled installer. (We might need 4 total: 32bit installer, 64bit installer, 32bit+MinGW32, 64bit+Mingw64).


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Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone: 4.1.0

1. Comment by ne1uno Sep 27, 2012

Jeremy started a branch to remove watcom. that would be a better way to go, all at once, than removing various things with individual tickets.

reminding, watcom still works for 32 bits, the bulk of users for the forseeable future and no real decision has been made to formally remove watcom ie: posting to the forum for comment etc.

2. Comment by jimcbrown Sep 27, 2012

I was under the impression that the current default branch no longer builds with Watcom. Has anyone tried this lately?

3. Comment by ne1uno Sep 27, 2012

I should add, I see no real value in keeping watcom. the 4.1 makefile and config is already broken and lacks someone who is willing to keep it maintained.

preferring gcc myself for many years, I only installed watcom to build euphoria before minGW worked. there have been some speed tests and compile time tests, someone may wish to repeat to convince themselves that current gcc works well enough.

this may as well be the lets remove watcom ticket.

4. Comment by jimcbrown Sep 27, 2012

We did pose the question a year ago, and got mostly postive responses.

5. Comment by SDPringle Sep 29, 2012

Even though we may not be able to build the core stuff with the current state of the Makefile, there is no reason to remove the ability of the users to use this smaller compiler (and backward compatible with older OSes). Let's keep the old computers in use and away from land fills. Leave Watcom C support in the translator. However, there is no reason I see for including any compiler with EUPHORIA in a single package. One can install both separately.

6. Comment by ne1uno Sep 30, 2012

isn't minGW the smaller compiler?

do all the translating and binding tests pass with minGW built tools using openWatcom compiler? that batch or makefile is not written yet. those tests should be done before a release.

I wonder how many are even translating using minGW and the release version of the lib.a, the supplied libs are only usually compatible with the same version of compiler, this have been true for the last few major and minor releases for me.

so for minGW it does make sense to include the compiler. the 64 bit compiler can build both 32 and 64 bits so that might be the one to include in the installer.

7. Comment by jimcbrown Sep 30, 2012

As ne1uno points out, it's not possible to use the translator without the runtime library. If that no longer builds under OpenWatcom, then what's the point of keeping it?

8. Comment by SDPringle Sep 30, 2012

Do eu.lib and eudbg.lib build anymore?

9. Comment by ne1uno Sep 30, 2012

BTW, I do think the ability to still translate with openwatcom will be an advantage for those wanting to migrate to 4.1 with minimal pain. so if that doesn't present too much trouble in merging the current features and bug fixes it's probably a good idea to keep *for now* overall I'de give it a 3 out of 10 though.

10. Comment by SDPringle Oct 20, 2012

There is no logical reason you wouldn't release 4.1 because you have an OPTION of building an installer that includes a copy of Watcom C.

11. Comment by jimcbrown Oct 21, 2012

When I wrote this ticket, the OpenWatcom build was broken, and releasing with a installer when support for that compiler was broken was a no-no, hence we either had to fix it or strip it out. But the ticket was blocking until either was done.

I guess that technically, you fixed it, so this ticket no longer represents a bug. I'll call it a feature request (though it's actually a de-feature request) now, to be implemented if the poll results are to drop, or to be marked invalid if the poll results are to keep.


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