Euphoria Ticket #754: Windows start menu and installation issues

Euphoria instalations should have a demo link inside the start menu. The link could point to the demo/win32 sub directory and we could have a link for opening cmd to the %EUDIR%\demo.

The program start menu

It should also by default be installed under the "Program Files" directory for this is provided protection from modification in Windows Vista and above. I am thinking "{pf}/Euphoria/{version}" for the default directory for other things outside of the default branch that is not in the 4.0 branch "{pf}/Euphoria/{version}-{branchname}". The start menu defaults should mimic this arrangement. Here {pf} is the program files directory which may be different in non-English language versions of Windows.

Under {pf}/Euphoria we could have documentation for libraries of various versions. Such as win32lib.


Type: Feature Request Severity: Minor Category: Other
Assigned To: robcraig Status: New Reported Release: 4.0.4
Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone:

1. Comment by SDPringle May 06, 2012

It seems the Makefiles do not work well with spaces in the install directory. The installer should use the alternative name in the environment variables EUDIR and PATH.

2. Comment by mattlewis May 06, 2012

It seems like it would be more robust (and easier) to quote the directories in the Makefile than rely on something special in EUDIR and PATH.

3. Comment by SDPringle Mar 01, 2014

I no longer care about this issue. If someone ever does they can work on it.


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