Euphoria Ticket #750: set_wait_on_summary(1) no effect

set_wait_on_summary(1) should pause after test_report() but has no effect. when translated, a new window opens and exits before you can see results. there is nothing else you can do from a user unittest program after test_report().

this should have paused after outputting a summary.

ifdef EUC then 
end ifdef 


Type: Bug Report Severity: Normal Category: Unit Tests
Assigned To: unknown Status: New Reported Release: 4.04
Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone:

1. Comment by ne1uno Feb 26, 2012

forgot a few things. Xp, translated w/o -con option.

guessing, now prints force a new console to open which wait_key() has no ability to cause a pause since it closes before test_report() runs?


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