Euphoria Ticket #668: Changing Macros to more appropriate ones

Sometimes Macros are used for OS when the difference is really the compiler. Any ifdef code that looks like defined(EUNIX) || defined(EMING) is a good example. This should be changed to ifdef __GCC__. In be_callc.c, there is no need to choose code that uses pop or push based on OS when you can simply test pop and push itself! Instead of doing this we should use __GNUC__. WATCOM only code should be found inside a block starting with #if defined(__WATCOMC__) rather than #if !defined(EMINGW) && defined(EWINDOWS).


Type: Task Severity: Minor Category: Other
Assigned To: unknown Status: Accepted Reported Release: 4.0
Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone: 4.1.0

1. Comment by mattlewis May 22, 2011

Yes, this makes sense to me.

2. Comment by SDPringle Jun 30, 2011

See: hg:euphoria/rev/7336baef56ca

changeset: 5041:7336baef56ca branch: 4.0 tag: tip user: Shawn Pringle <> date: Thu Jun 30 17:47:16 2011 -0300 files: source/be_callc.c source/be_execute.c source/be_machine.c source/be_runtime.c source/be_syncolor.c description:

  • chaning from EWATCOM to WATCOMC : ticket:668

3. Comment by ne1uno Jul 01, 2011

could __WATCOM be a problem for someone using the linux watcom compiler? not sure anyone has reported trying it yet.

4. Comment by mattlewis Jul 01, 2011

I tried to play around with it at one point but gave up fairly quickly. I don't think we're going to be supporting it.

5. Comment by SDPringle 3 weeks ago

see change set 59d07e0a04396ccac4b5ecf1a313b7e9ec3bba5a


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