Euphoria Ticket #660: Strange cursor behaviour after puts(1,repeat(' ',80))

bugreport.ex output:

1: C:\eu4\include\ 
2: C:\EU4\bin 
3: C:\EUPHORIA/include 

Bug description:

sequence s
puts(1,repeat(' ',80)) 
s = gets(0) 


  • run the above code -> cursor position is 1,1
  • type something -> cursor moves one line down
  • press left arrow or backspace -> cursor moves one line up


Type: Bug Report Severity: Minor Category: Interpreter
Assigned To: unknown Status: Accepted Reported Release: v4.0.3
Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone:

1. Comment by DerekParnell May 03, 2011

I accept that this is a bug. By the way, the above problem as described only happens when your console window is also 80 characters wide. If you change the width so it's less than 80 you get a different effect and still another effect if the window is greater than 80 wide.

The problem seems to be that the console handling code is not respecting the current console width and is always assuming it is exactly 80 wide.

2. Comment by SDPringle Jul 01, 2011

I can reproduce this with an older development version of v4.0.4 but I cannot on a newer binary. It is safe to call this fixed now. The binary was compiled sometime before change set '7336baef56ca'. Please try this out on your computers and mark fixed if you can reproduce the bug in 4.0.3 but cannot on your compiled binary.

3. Comment by Insolor Aug 23, 2011

I need some time to download OW to compile v4.0.4 binary. As soon as I compile, I test it.

4. Comment by Insolor Aug 23, 2011

I don't confirm. Reproduced with euphoria-75d1bf7c075e

5. Comment by SDPringle Aug 23, 2011

There is a difference between the way eui.exe works and euiw.exe works in the tip, Revision Date: 2011-08-05 12:12:11, Id: 5097:8351f54dd765.

In the console, it starts on the following line following the command line. The cursor doesn't go down to the next line ( as per the first puts line ) until keys are pressed. Just as reported here, but Backspaces doesn't change the line. The only problem with this is that the cursor should move to the following line before typing. Not after.

However in euiw.exe, it still has this problem exactly as reported. I am changing the status back to Accepted.

6. Comment by Insolor Aug 24, 2011

Strangely, "backspace" and "left arrow" keys moves the cursor a line higher in both eui and euiw I just compiled.


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