Euphoria Ticket #591: Copyright 2008,2011

Happy New Year, and it's that time of year again to amend all the ©


Type: Task Severity: Textual Category: Other
Assigned To: unknown Status: New Reported Release: 4.0
Fixed in SVN #: 4260 View VCS: 4260 Milestone:

1. Comment by SDPringle Feb 09, 2011

I updated euphoria.iss euphoria-ow.iss and version_info.rc in 4260. Is there another file to update for the date and version?

2. Comment by DerekParnell Feb 26, 2011

See: hg:euphoria/rev/f66713a408d1

changeset: 4678:f66713a408d1 branch: 4.0 tag: tip user: DerekParnell date: Sun Feb 27 09:33:45 2011 +1100 files: License.txt docs/template.html include/euphoria/info.e packaging/debian/copyright description: Fixes ticket:591 Updated appropriate copyright texts to include the year 2011

3. Comment by ne1uno Jan 01, 2012

wasn't updated to server or something still says,

Copyright 2009,2010 by The OpenEuphoria Group. All rights reserved.

4. Comment by jimcbrown Jan 01, 2012

The website uses a different hg repo, that text is in euweb/source/templates/euweb.etag

I've updated the website now, but - heh - we need to update every other copyright now.

New ticket, or should Shawn and Derek do all the heavily lifting here?

5. Comment by SDPringle Jan 02, 2012

updating milestone and accepting

6. Comment by SDPringle Jan 02, 2012

One must also change packaging/archlinux/PKGBUILD. It contains version information and the md5sum of a tar file. Thus only the person who packages this for arch linux can really maintain this file.

7. Comment by ne1uno Jan 06, 2013

bump 2013

8. Comment by ne1uno Jan 03, 2014

  • bump 14

9. Comment by ne1uno Dec 27, 2014

changing status for 2014.


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