Euphoria Ticket #541: remove 'file' protocall from creole opts

no valid use in docs, forum or wiki as file:// refers to local file. countless times creating confusing links to parts unknown in docs and forum.

if anyone needs this they would be aware of how to get it back, possibly comment it out in creole opts


Type: Bug Report Severity: Textual Category: Documentation
Assigned To: jeremy Status: Fixed, Please Confirm Reported Release: 4638
Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone: 4.0.0

1. Comment by jeremy Dec 14, 2010

Accepted the ticket.

2. Comment by jeremy Dec 14, 2010

See: hg:creole/rev/79a9cbf58661

Commented out file: protocol. Should be added back in but handled better. Until that happens, best course of action is to remove. Fixes ticket 541

3. Comment by jimcbrown May 29, 2016

I just applied this fix to the site, for both prod and test.

4. Comment by ne1uno May 29, 2016

thanks for going that extra mile.

may have to double check the docs with the fix. refman seems to have one use of file: I can't currently make manual with the tip

marking status please confirm fixed in euforum and wiki

doc generation?

5. Comment by ne1uno May 29, 2016

fix patch by Jim, fixed on oeu, not committed yet to creole repo


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