Euphoria Ticket #447: Minimally document creolehtml

At minimum:

  • Create a wiki page for creolehtml
  • Document the basic command line use
  • Document the variables we use in euphoria/docs/


Type: Bug Report Severity: Normal Category: Bundled Utility
Assigned To: unknown Status: Accepted Reported Release:
Fixed in SVN #: 4342 View VCS: 4342 Milestone: 4.1.0

1. Comment by jeremy Nov 29, 2010

Converted creolehtml to use cmd_parse, this gives us help on the command line options via -h, --help and -?. Derek, please update the help descriptions as you see fit, They are minimal, just taken from the comments in the original source in side the if statement that parsed the options.

2. Comment by DerekParnell Dec 05, 2010

Work has commenced. See CreoleHtml

3. Comment by jimcbrown Dec 08, 2010

Moving to 4.0.0 milestone.

4. Comment by DerekParnell Dec 29, 2010

Moved to 4.1 milestone.

Now dealing with creole.ex and not just creole to HTML.

5. Comment by jeremy Dec 30, 2010

Nothing should have changed, except the addition of one parameter:


Which can be given html or latex. Other than that, it still functions like creolehtml


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