Euphoria Ticket #347: 4.0 Related Wiki Docs are out of date

We need to rid the wiki of old, outdated 4.0 material before the 4.0 release. It's just going to be confusing.

I've started to use the categories: category:Outdated, category:Incomplete, category:Obsolete and category:Duplicate. We must first identify these pages and then decide what to do about them.


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1. Comment by DerekParnell Nov 10, 2010

How about another, category:OffTopic for those pages that are not really Euphoria related.

2. Comment by jeremy Nov 10, 2010

How off topic do they have to be to be placed in the category:OffTopic? For example, wiki:Windows7 or wiki:HippoEdit ? What's an example of something Off Topic?

3. Comment by jimcbrown Dec 05, 2010

I'd like to say offtopic should be for "not euphoria related or only loosely euphoria related."

I'd think if something was only loosely related, it'd be obvious. And if it's not obvious that a given topic is only loosely/unrelated to euphoria, then it does not belong in the offtopic category.

I'm not sure that there's much utility in having an offtopic category at all, however.

4. Comment by jeremy Dec 07, 2010

Not dependent upon 4.0 release but is a major issue. Removed milestone, bumped up severity

5. Comment by SDPringle Jan 17, 2013

"bitrot" is not what really is happening. Renaming the subject.


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