Euphoria Ticket #278: Insufficient Installation Instructions

The "Installing Euphoria" document is wholly inadequate, barely covering the Windows install and totally excluding installation to any other platform.


Type: Bug Report Severity: Blocking Category: Documentation
Assigned To: unknown Status: Fixed Reported Release:
Fixed in SVN #: 3921 View VCS: 3921 Milestone: 4.0.0RC1

1. Comment by jeremy Oct 30, 2010

Be sure to incorporate ticket:49 in the general install docs.

2. Comment by SDPringle Nov 08, 2010

As of 3937, this is not fixed. The instructions only say, download and run wizard, and follow instructions (LOL) [NO DUH!].

Either it is

    1. 'invalid' I.E: We don't need instructions. The users are would be programmers or programmers.
    2. 'accepted' The wizard should be in source or binary somewhere for us developes to test so we can see how or if the wizard works.

3. Comment by mattlewis Nov 08, 2010

There was actually some updating done in svn:3921. It's somewhat sparse, but mentions other platforms at least.

As for the installers, you need to look at the packaging directory in order to build any of the installation packages for trying out.


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