64bit Euphoria 4.1.0 pre-alpha now available for testing

64bit Euphoria eubins are now available. This bleeding edge, pre-alpha, and pre-release is mainly intended for developers of Euphoria itself, but it will provide a taste of 4.1.0 for the curious.

GNU/Linux: http://openeuphoria.org/eubins/linux/4.1.0/64-bit/eubin-2011-06-29-3739d931e005.tar.gz

Windows: http://openeuphoria.org/eubins/windows/4.1.0/64-bit/eubin-2011-11-27-a0e84559178c.zip

Supporting files and source code: http://scm.openeuphoria.org/hg/euphoria/archive/5e15a5130bec.tar.bz2

Note that you'll need 4.1.0 to generate the 64-bit 4.1.0 C source code, 4.0.3 (and the soon to be released 4.0.4) won't do it.

1. Comment by SDPringle Dec 03, 2011

In a two step process, you can use 4.0.4 (32bit), to translate and compile 4.1 (32bit). Then you can use 4.1 32-bit to generate the 64-bit C source code. I did this three days ago on an Ubuntu 10.10 system.


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