What's new in Euphoria 4.0

A number of areas have been changed and added to the language with the introduction of version 4.

You can follow the commit logs via RSS: Commit Log RSS Feed.

Also note that some development discussion happens on the IRC channel ( #euphoria) and its log files can be found at

Feature Discussions

Release History

Version Date SVN Rev Change Log
4.0a1 2008/11/27 1234
4.0a2 2008/12/23 1280
4.0a3 2009/03/12 1460
4.0b1 2009/08/12 2480
4.0b2 2009/08/29 2597 log
4.0b4 2010/08/10 3383
4.0RC1 2010/11/08 3951
4.0RC2 2010/12/08 4619
4.0.0 2010/12/22 euphoria/rev/4.0.0 man:release_4_0_0

Euphoria Documentation: Manual Rough Drafts

The following pages are rough drafts of content that may be included in the official documentation. The intention is to invite comments and contributions.

Authors needed:


Many people have been working on improving Euphoria. The work performed includes coding, documenting, designing, testing, technical support for users, and financial support for the website. Please visit the EuphoriaContributors page for complete details.


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