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Who we are:

Techport80 offers affordable software solutions to entrepreneurs. We develop custom applications that best suit your business model and functional needs. With a combined experience of over 20 years of software development we offer expertise in diverse technologies and environments - Web, Mobile, Linux, and Database. What we can do for you:

  • Step one: Analyze your business model and processes
  • Step Two: Identify areas for improved efficiency
  • Step Three: Custom build software designed uniquely for your operations
  • We script the ABCDs of your success – Analyze Business Custom Design Sofware!

Why choose us?

Our past experience:

We are proud to share with you the wide variety of applications that in our professional capacity we have contributed in designing and developing. Here’s a select list of some of them:

  • Terminal Automation services for the Oil industry
  • Gaming industry
  • E-publishing
  • DHS (Digital Hand held System)
  • HOT - Hot Open Tickets - a help desk system
  • CMS - Content Management System
  • Sign me up! - Event calendar and Scheduling system

Wide range of software skills and expertise:

The professionals at Techport80 are proficient in developing software using varied programming languages including Euphoria, PHP, Java, ASP, HTML, Javascript, VBS, Visual Basic, C/CPP, C#, Pascal, Python, Perl and several BASIC dialects.

Our past experience gives us the ability to handle the challenges involved in the database interface such as slow query resolution, database design and integrity with greater ease.

Planning and design of both Internet and Intranet cross-browser data enabled web applications using HTML, DHTML, XML, JQuery, CSS, combined with server side technologies gives us an edge in developing robust web applications. We are also adept at designing and implementation of network services including file and printer sharing, FTP services, Web services, Database services, Telnet and SSHD services.

To learn more about us, visit our About Us page.


Being a startup company we do not have the same overheads that bigger companies contend with. We can offer a commercial price model that is affordable combined with a personalized service where every time you pick up the phone and call us you speak directly to the developers of the software. Along with sophistication, our software will come packaged with a degree of customization and scalability that existing market tools offer at a heavy price tag. We offer flexibility in choosing the technological base for development and implementation. The end product is one that is unique to your business needs and speaks for your success!


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