updating oE warning_file


include error.e 
namespace error 
public procedure warning_file(object file_path) 

specifies a file path where to output warnings.

  1. file_path : an object indicating where to dump any warning that were produced.

By default, warnings are displayed on the standard error, and require pressing the Enter key to keep going. Redirecting to a file enables skipping the latter step and having a console window open, while retaining ability to inspect the warnings in case any was issued.

Any atom >= 0 causes standard error to be used, thus reverting to default behaviour.

Any atom < 0 suppresses both warning generation and output. Use this latter in extreme cases only.

On an error, some output to the console is performed anyway, so that whatever warning file was specified is ignored then.

Example 1:
-- some code 
-- changed opinion: warnings will go to standard error as usual 
See Also:

without warning, warning

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