updating oE valid


include eumem.e 
namespace eumem 
export function valid(object mem_p, object mem_struct_p = 1) 

validates a block of (pseudo) memory.

  1. mem_p : The handle to a previously acquired ram_space location.
  2. mem_struct_p : If an integer, this is the length of the sequence that should be occupying the ram_space location pointed to by mem_p.

An integer,
0 if either the mem_p is invalid or if the sequence at that location is the wrong length.
1 if the handle and contents are okay.


This can only check the length of the contents at the location. Nothing else is checked at that location.

Example 1:
 my_spot = malloc() 
 ram_space[my_spot] = my_data 
 . . . do some processing  . .  
 if valid(my_spot, length(my_data)) then 
 end if 
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