updating oE unregister_block


include std/machine.e 
public procedure unregister_block(machine_addr block_addr) 

removes a block of memory from the list of safe blocks maintained by safe.e (the debug version of memory.e).

  1. block_addr : an atom, the start address of the block

In memory.e, this procedure does nothing. It is there to simplify switching between the normal and debug version of the library.

This routine is only meant to be used for debugging purposes. Use it to unregister blocks of memory that you have previously registered using register_block. By unregistering a block, you remove it from the list of safe blocks maintained by safe.e. This prevents your program from performing any further reads or writes of memory within the block.

See register_block for further comments and an example.

See Also:

register_block, Safe Mode

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