updating oE set_keycodes


include console.e 
namespace console 
public function set_keycodes(object kcfile) 

changes the default codes returned by the keyboard.

  1. kcfile : Either the name of a text file or the handle of an opened (for reading) text file.

An integer,

  • 0 means no error.
  • -1 means that the supplied file could not me loaded in to a map.
  • -2 means that a new key value was not an integer.
  • -3 means that an unknown key name was found in the file.

The text file is expected to contain bindings for one or more keyboard codes.

The format of the files is a set of lines, one line per key binding, in the form KEYNAME = NEWVALUE. The KEYNAME is the same as the constants but without the "KC_" prefix. The key bindings can be in any order.

Example 1:

-- doskeys.txt file containing some key bindings 
F1 = 260 
F2 = 261 
INSERT = 456 

  set_keycodes( "doskeys.txt" ) 
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