updating oE scroll


include graphics.e 
namespace graphics 
public procedure scroll(integer amount, console :positive_int top_line, 
        console :positive_int bottom_line) 

scrolls a region of text on the screen.

  1. amount : an integer, the number of lines by which to scroll. This is >0 to scroll up and <0 to scroll down.
  2. top_line : the 1-based number of the topmost line to scroll.
  3. bottom_line : the 1-based number of the bottom-most line to scroll.
  • New blank lines will appear at the vacated lines.
  • You could perform the scrolling operation using a series of calls to puts, but scroll is much faster.
  • The position of the cursor after scrolling is not defined.
Example 1:


See Also:

clear_screen, text_rows

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