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include console.e 
namespace console 
public procedure put_screen_char(positive_atom line, positive_atom column, sequence char_attr) 

stores and displays a sequence of characters with attributes at a given location.

  1. line : the 1-based line at which to start writing.
  2. column : the 1-based column at which to start writing.
  3. char_attr : a sequence of alternated characters and attribute codes.

char_attr must be in the form {character, attribute code, character, attribute code, ...}.


The length of char_attr must be a multiple of two.


The attributes atom contains the foreground color, background color, and possibly other platform-dependent information controlling how the character is displayed on the screen. If char_attr has 0 length, nothing will be written to the screen. The characters are written to the active page. It is faster to write several characters to the screen with a single call to put_screen_char than it is to write one character at a time.

Example 1:
-- write AZ to the top left of the screen 
-- (attributes are platform-dependent) 
put_screen_char(1, 1, {'A', 152, 'Z', 131}) 
See Also:

get_screen_char, display_text_image

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