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include io.e 
namespace io 
public function process_lines(object file, integer proc, object user_data = 0) 

processes the contents of a file, one line at a time.

  1. file : an object. Either a file path or the handle to an open file. An empty string signifies STDIN -- the console keyboard.
  2. proc : an integer. The routine_id of a function that will process the line.
  3. user_data : on object. This is passed untouched to proc for each line.

An object. If 0 then all the file was processed successfully. Anything else means that something went wrong and this is whatever value was returned by proc.

  • The function proc must accept three parameters:
    • A sequence: The line to process. It will not contain an end-of-line character.
    • An integer: The line number.
    • An object : This is the user_data that was passed to process_lines.
  • If file was a sequence, the file will be closed on completion. Otherwise, it will remain open, and be positioned where ever reading stopped.
Example 1:
-- Format each supplied line according to the format pattern supplied as well. 
function show(sequence aLine, integer line_no, object data) 
  writefln( data[1], {line_no, aLine}) 
  if data[2] > 0 and line_no = data[2] then 
  	return 1 
  	return 0 
  end if 
end function 
-- Show the first 20 lines. 
process_lines("sample.txt", routine_id("show"), {"[1z:4] : [2]", 20}) 
See Also:

gets, read_lines, read_file

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