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Memory Manipulation


<built-in> procedure mem_copy(atom destination, atom origin, integer len) 

copies a block of memory from an address to another.

  1. destination : an atom, the address at which data is to be copied
  2. origin : an atom, the address from which data is to be copied
  3. len : an integer, how many bytes are to be copied.

The bytes of memory will be copied correctly even if the block of memory at destination overlaps with the block of memory at origin.

mem_copy(destination, origin, len) is equivalent to: poke(destination, peek({origin, len})) but is much faster.

Example 1:
dest = allocate(50) 
src = allocate(100) 
poke(src, {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}) 
mem_copy(dest, src, 9) 
See Also:

Using Data Bytes, mem_set, peek, poke, allocate, free

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