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Logarithms and Powers


<built-in> function log(object value) 

returns the natural logarithm of a positive number.

  1. value : an object, any atom of which log acts upon.

An object, the same shape as value. For an atom, the returned atom is its logarithm of base E.


If any atom in value is not greater than zero, an error occurs as its logarithm is not defined.


This function may be applied to an atom or to all elements of a sequence.

To compute the inverse, you can use power(E, x) where E is 2.7182818284590452, or equivalently exp(x). Beware that the logarithm grows very slowly with x, so that exp grows very fast.

Example 1:
a = log(100) 
-- a is 4.60517 
See Also:

E, exp, log10

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