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include locale.e 
namespace locale 
public function get_text(integer MsgNum, sequence LocalQuals = {}, sequence DBBase = "teksto") 

gets the text associated with the message number in the requested locale.

  1. MsgNum : An integer. The message number whose text you are trying to get.
  2. LocalQuals : A sequence. Zero or more locale codes. Default is {}.
  3. DBBase: A sequence. The base name for the database files containing the locale text strings. The default is "teksto".

A string sequence, the text associated with the message number and locale.
The integer zero, if associated text can not be found for any reason.

  • This first scans the database or databases linked to the locale codes supplied.
  • The database name for each locale takes the format of "<DBBase>_<Locale>.edb" so if the default DBBase is used, and the locales supplied are {"enus", "enau"} the databases scanned are "teksto_enus.edb" and "teksto_enau.edb". The database table name searched is "1" with the key being the message number, and the text is the record data.
  • If the message is not found in these databases (or the databases do not exist) a database called "<DBBase>.edb" is searched. Again the table name is "1" but it first looks for keys with the format {<locale>,msgnum} and failing that it looks for keys in the format {"", msgnum}, and if that fails it looks for a key of just the msgnum.
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