updating oE defaulted_value


include get.e 
namespace stdget 
public function defaulted_value(object st, object def, integer start_point = 1) 

calls the value function and returns the resulting value on success or the default default on failure.

  1. st : object to retrieve value from.
  2. def : the value returned if st is an atom or value(st) fails.
  3. start_point : an integer, the position in st at which to start getting the value from. Defaults to 1
  • If st, is an atom then def is returned.
  • If calling value(st) is a success. then value()[2], otherwise it will return the parameter def.
Example 1:
object i = defaulted_value("10", 0) 
-- i is 10 
i = defaulted_value("abc", 39) 
-- i is 39 
i = defaulted_value(12, 42) 
-- i is 42 
i = defaulted_value("{1,2}", 42) 
-- i is {1,2} 
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