updating oE db_replace_recid


include eds.e 
namespace eds 
public procedure db_replace_recid(integer recid, object data) 

replaces, in the current database, the data portion of a record with new data.

  1. recid : an atom, the recid of the record to be updated.
  2. data : an object, the new value of the record.

This can be used to quickly update records that have already been located by calling db_get_recid. This operation is faster than using db_replace_data

  • recid must be fetched using db_get_recid first.
  • data is an Euphoria object of any kind, atom or sequence.
  • The recid does not have to be from the current table.
  • This does no error checking. It assumes the database is open and valid.
Example 1:
rid = db_get_recid("Peter") 
rec = db_record_recid(rid) 
rec[2][3] *= 1.10 
db_replace_recid(rid, rec[2]) 
See Also:

db_replace_data, db_find_key, db_get_recid

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