updating oE db_record_data


include eds.e 
namespace eds 
public function db_record_data(integer key_location, object table_name = current_table_name) 

returns the data in a record queried by position.

  1. key_location : the index of the record the data of which is being fetched.
  2. table_name : optional table name to get record data from.

An object, the data portion of requested record.


This function calls fatal and returns a value of -1 if an error prevented the correct data being returned.


Each record in a Euphoria database consists of a key portion and a data portion. Each of these can be any Euphoria atom or sequence.


If the current table is not defined, or if the record index is invalid, an error will occur.

Example 1:
puts(1, "The 6th record has data value: ") 
? db_record_data(6) 
See Also:

db_find_key, db_replace_data

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