updating oE db_get_errors



include eds.e 
namespace eds 
public function db_get_errors(integer clearing = 1) 

fetches the most recent set of errors recorded by the library.

  1. clearing : if zero the set of errors is not reset, otherwise it will be cleared out. The default is to clear the set.

A sequence, each element is a set of four fields.

  1. Error Code.
  2. Error Text.
  3. Name of library routine that recorded the error.
  4. Parameters passed to that routine.
  • A number of library routines can detect errors. If the routine is a function, it usually returns an error code. However, procedures that detect an error can not do that. Instead, they record the error details and you can query that after calling the library routine.
  • Both functions and procedures that detect errors record the details in the Last Error Set, which is fetched by this function.
Example 1:
db_replace_data(recno, new_data) 
errs = db_get_errors() 
if length(errs) != 0 then 
end if 
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