updating oE db_dump


include eds.e 
namespace eds 
public procedure db_dump(object file_id, integer low_level_too = 0) 

prints the current database in readable form to file fn.

  1. fn : the destination file for printing the current Euphoria database;
  2. low_level_too : a boolean. If true, a byte-by-byte binary dump is presented as well; otherwise this step is skipped. If omitted, false is assumed.

If the current database is not defined, an error will occur.

  • All records in all tables are shown.
  • If low_level_too is non-zero, then a low-level byte-by-byte dump is also shown. The low-level dump will only be meaningful to someone who is familiar with the internal format of a Euphoria database.
Example 1:
if db_open("mydata", DB_LOCK_SHARED) != DB_OK then 
    puts(2, "Couldn't open the database!\n") 
end if 
fn = open("db.txt", "w") 
db_dump(fn) -- Simple output 
db_dump("lowlvl_db.txt", 1) -- Full low-level dump created. 
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