updating oE curdir


include filesys.e 
namespace filesys 
public function curdir(integer drive_id = 0) 

Returns the current directory, with a trailing SLASH

  1. drive_id : For Windows systems only. This is the Drive letter to to get the current directory of. If omitted, the current drive is used.

A sequence, the current directory.


Windows maintains a current directory for each disk drive. You would use this routine if you wanted the current directory for a drive that may not be the current drive.

For Unix systems, this is simply ignored because there is only one current directory at any time on Unix.


This always ensures that the returned value has a trailing SLASH character.

Example 1:
res = curdir('D') -- Find the current directory on the D: drive. 
-- res might be "D:\backup\music\" 
res = curdir()    -- Find the current directory on the current drive. 
-- res might be "C:\myapp\work\" 
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