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<built-in> procedure call_proc(integer id, sequence args={}) 

calls a user-defined Euphoria procedure by routine id.

  1. id : an integer, the routine id of the procedure to call
  2. args : a sequence, the parameters to pass to the function.

If id is negative or otherwise unknown, an error occurs.

If the length of args is not the number of parameters the function takes, an error occurs.


id must be a valid routine id returned by routine_id.

args must be a sequence of argument values of length n, where n is the number of arguments required by the called procedure. Defaulted parameters currently cannot be synthesized while making a indirect call.

If the procedure with id id does not take any arguments then args should be {}.

Example 1:
public integer foo_id 
procedure x() 
    call_proc(foo_id, {1, "Hello World\n"}) 
end procedure 
procedure foo(integer a, sequence s) 
    puts(a, s) 
end procedure 
foo_id = routine_id("foo") 
See Also:

call_func, routine_id, c_proc

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