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printf(1, "Hello, %s!\n", mystring) </eucode>

but you need:

printf(1, "Hello, %s!\n", {mystring}) 

Only 10 significant digits during printing

When I print numbers using printf or ? only 10 significant digits are displayed.

Euphoria normally only shows about 10 digits. Internally, all calculations are performed using at least 15 significant digits. To see more digits you have to use printf. For example,

printf(1, "%.15f", 1/3) 

This will display 15 digits.

A type is expected here

It complains about my routine declaration, saying, "a type is expected here."

When declaring subroutine parameters, Euphoria requires you to provide an explicit type for each individual parameter. e.g.

procedure foo(integer x, y)         -- WRONG 
procedure foo(integer x, integer y) -- RIGHT 

In all other contexts it is ok to make a list:

atom a, b, c, d, e 

Expected to see...

It says: Syntax Error - expected to see possibly 'xxx', not 'yyy'

At this point in your program you have typed a variable, keyword, number or punctuation symbol, yyy, that does not fit syntactically with what has come before it. The compiler is offering you one example, xxx, of something that would be accepted at this point in place of yyy. Note that there may be many other legal (and much better) possibilities at this point than xxx, but xxx might at least give you a clue as to what the compiler is "thinking."

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