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demo/preproc directory of your Euphoria installation.


TODO: this needs done still.

Euphoria includes two more demos of pre-processors. They are ETML and literate. Please explore demo/preproc for these examples and explanations.

Other examples of pre-processors include
  • eSQL - Allows you to include a .sql file directly. It parses CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX statements building common routines to create, destroy, get by id, find by any index, add, remove and save entities.
  • make40 - Will process any 3.x script on the fly making sure that it will run in 4.x. It does this by converting variables, constants and routine names that are the same as new 4.x keywords into something acceptable to 4.x. Thus, 3.x programs can run in the 4.x interpreter and translator with out any user intervention.
  • dot4 - Adds all sorts of syntax goodies to Euphoria such as structured sequence access, one line if statements, DOT notation for any function/routine call, design by contract and more.
Other Ideas
  • Include a Windows .RC file that defines a dialog layout and generate code that will create the dialog and interact with it.
  • Object Oriented system for Euphoria that translates into pure Euphoria code, thus has the raw speed of Euphoria.
  • Include a Yacc, Lex, ANTLR parser definition directly that then generates a Euphoria parser for the given syntax.
  • Instead of writing interpreters such as a QBasic clone, simply write a pre-processor that converts QBasic code into Euphoria code, thus you can run eui -p bas:qbasic.ex hello.bas directly.
  • Include a XML specification, which in turn, gives you nice accessory functions for working with XML files matching that schema.

If you have ideas of helpful pre-processors, please put the idea out on the forum for discussion.

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