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Platform Specific Issues


OpenEuphoria currently supports Euphoria on many different platforms. More platforms will be added in the future.

**DOS** platform support has been discontinued.

**Windows** in particular, the 32-bit x86 compatible version ofWindows. The minimum version is Windows 95 Original Equipment Manufacturer Service Release 2.5. EUPHORIA will work on all old and new versions of Windows written after Windows 95. However, to use all of the features you must use Windows XP or later. See ''.

Linux. Linux is inspired by the UNIX operating system. It has recently become very popular on PCs. There are many distributors of Linux, including Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, and many more. Linux can be obtained on a CD for a very low price. Linux is an open-source operating system.

FreeBSD. FreeBSD is also based on the UNIX operating system. It is very popular on Internet server machines. It's also open source.

Apple's OS X. OS X is also based on the UNIX operating system. While it is closed source, it is gaining a wide following due to it's ease of use and power.

OpenBSD. Open BSD is also a UNIX-like Operating System and is developed by volunteers.

NetBSD. Net BSD is also a UNIX-like Operating System and is designed to be easily portable to other hardware platforms.

Euphoria source files use various file extensions. The common extensions are:

extension application
.e Euphoria include file
.ew Euphoria include file for a Windowed (GUI) application only
.ex Console main program file
or any executable program
.exw Windowed (GUI) main program file
or a Windows specific program
.exu Unix specific program

It is convenient to use these file extensions, but they are not mandatory.

The Euphoria for Windows installation file contains eui.exe. It runs Euphoria programs on the Windows 32bit platform.

The Euphoria for Linux .tar file contains only eui. It runs Euphoria programs on the Linux platform.

Other versions of Euphoria are installed by first installing the Linux version of Euphoria, replacing eui with the version of eui for that Operating System, then rebuilding the other binaries from the source.

Sometimes you'll find that the majority of your code will be the same on all platforms, but some small parts will have to be written differently for each platform. Use the ifdef statement to tell you which platform you are currently running on.

You can also use the platform and platform_name functions:

printf(1, "Our platform number is: %d", {platform()})
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