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Welcome to the Official Euphoria Wiki!

This site is maintained by users of the Euphoria programming language. If you are a Euphoria programmer, please feel free to create an account and help us improve this site. We need help writing articles about various aspects of Euphoria programming and projects. Even rough drafts are fine. They can be used as a starting point for someone else to improve upon. See CreoleHelp to learn how to edit pages on this site.

For several years, the Euphoria community seemed to be slowly fading away. But, it is not! Euphoria development is more active than ever before, with the exciting upcoming release of Euphoria 4.0. There is a group of skilled programmers that are working on this project daily. An incredible amount of progress has been made in the last three or four months on a new standard library and several other important improvements. Several developers have worked hard on creating a new wiki engine and forum engine with the goal of bringing the euphoria website "out of the '90s". Unfortunately, people tend to not take Euphoria seriously when they see outdated information and broken links. So, we are creating a new and up-to-date site with current and relevant information about this very useful programming language.

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