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Welcome to the Official Euphoria Wiki!


This wiki is maintained by users of the Euphoria programming language. The following main topics are available:

  • OpenEuphoria Development - Information about the development team, project goals and proposals, promotion strategies, development status, and official resources on the web.
  • OpenEuphoria GUI-Editor (WEE) - Information about a superb OpenEuphoria source code editor which utilizes the EuGTK and Scintilla libraries (included in the WEE download package). Features include context sensitive help, syntax high lighting, identifier code completion, subroutine listing, automatic if/while/for/procedure/function expansion, jump to subroutine declaration and much more. Reguires OpenEuphoria 4.1 Linux beta or later, (EU 4.1)

If you are a Euphoria programmer, feel free to help us improve this site. The wiki markup language used in here is Creole and we have some help with how to use creole.

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