Original date:2022-09-27 22:57:33 Edited by: Icy_Viking Subject: Re: Preliminary libffi progress

ghaberek said...
Icy_Viking said...

Hey Greg. Here is the called from lines from ex.err

ffi.e:775 in function define_c_func()  
ffi_prep_cif() returned FFI_BAD_ABI (2) 
    lib = 1710096384 
    name = {73'I',110'n',105'i',116't',87'W',105'i',110'n',100'd',111'o', 
    arg_types = {1795457132,1795457132,12319936} 
    rtype = 1795457204 
    abi = 8 
    fn = 1710416016 
    pname = 44806000 
    parg_types = 44806080 
    nargs = 3 
    cif = 44806000 
    status = 2 
\ffi.e:784 in function define_c_proc()   
    lib = 1710096384 
    name = {43'+',73'I',110'n',105'i',116't',87'W',105'i',110'n',100'd',111'o', 
    arg_types = {1795457132,1795457132,12319936} 
called from:..... raylib.e:311  

I can send the full ex.err if needed.

Nope, that's enough for me to trace out the problem. Pretty sure the issue is here: std/ffi.e:59

That X86_32 should just be X86. Please make that change locally and try it again and let me know the result.

57    ifdef X86_64 then 
58        with define X86_WIN64 
59    elsifdef X86 then -- <-- change this from X86_32 to just X86 
60        with define X86_WIN32 
61    end ifdef 


That fixed it, sorta. The window flashes for a brief second then disappears. I'll look through the example code and see if I can fix it. All the Raylib info does show up in the command prompt.

EDIT: I ran it through both EUI and EUIW and both times the windows appears for just a brief second before closing. However the Raylib info in the command prompt does say the window closed sucessfully. I looked at both the wrapper code and example code. I can't find what I'd need to change or its just my system being weird.

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