Original date:2021-09-27 02:19:32 Edited by: Icy_Viking Subject: Re: Orx Engine Wrapper Update #5

ghaberek said...

I just pushed a massive amount of formatting, typos, and syntax corrections, along with a few other improvements.

For the overall formatting and code style, I've made a basic "fixups" script I wrote that runs through a bunch of regex replacement patterns and runs a few deeper code-based corrections.

But there were a lot of typos and syntax errors. So I've added a Makefile for running eui -test against all of the files to check for basic syntax errors.

Just run make test (or mingw32-make test on Windows) and it will test each file and create a corresponding .test file of the results. Only changed .e files newer than their .test file will need re-testing.

You can run make clean at any time to delete all the .test files. You can also run multiple jobs at once with -j, e.g. make -j4 test.

If you don't have minw32-make on Windows the install tdm-gcc to get it.


Thanks Greg. I had most of the functions reformatted to your style. So the only thing left for functions is to finish the Physics portion. I tried to follow your new format as closely as possible. I'm still a bit new to converting structs to Eu friendly format, so studying your code has helped a lot. Hopefully when the memstruct feature is added, we won't need to worry as much about that.

EDIT: I've added the physics functions.

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