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Original date:2021-09-13 19:38:29 Edited by: Icy_Viking Subject: Re: Orx Engine Wrapper Update #3

ghaberek said...
Icy_Viking said...

One thing is I noticed you didn't have physics in the include directory. Did you get the physics functions I wrapped recently?

I have not. What you see is what I've got. I basically copied and reformatted the wrappers you had wrote just enough so that I had what I need to make tutorial 01_Object.ex work.

Icy_Viking said...

EDIT: After studying your code for a bit, I notice you have it different from mine. That's ok, its more organized, but I will need to study it some it more.

One of my motivations for helping with this is to better demonstrate how I wrap libraries. I haven't really published many of the ones I've built since they're all in a state of mostly-complete and I'm trying to get 4.2 out the door so I can use memstructs instead of offset constants.

Icy_Viking said...

How is Eu 4.2 coming along? That memstruct features sounds very nice. :)

Getting there. The hardest part of publishing a release has been getting everything built, tested, and bundled. I've been working on sorting everything out so that it's entirely reproduceable in a Docker environment. I'd like to have GitHub Actions do a build each time there's a commit to the repo.


Still great to see. I hope 4.2 will be able to make it out door before the new year, but no rush. Thanks for helping with Orx. You have a very formatted way of wrapping libraries. I'm still used to wrapping libraries like it was Eu 3. The new features of Eu 4 do make wrapping libraries easier.

I have added the physics folder and the corresponding orxPhysics.e and orxBody.e files. However the new coded format will need to be written to them. I have finished the work on orxKeyboard.e and I have started working on orxMouse.e

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