Original date:2021-09-05 09:39:37 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Is anyone interested in Phix to C (I am not really that keen, but will help)

mitgedanken said...

+1 But I'm not a C programmer.

Actually, that might not be a complete showstopper. I mean I don't expect anyone to know HTML/JavaScript/CSS in order to use p2js.

The other question is who here uses the Euphoria To C Translator?

If we (as in "you lot") start with something simple, use the -keep option of the above, then examine the generated files and compare them against the test.htm that p2js spits out, that might be enough to get something going.
As you say, I'm not a (proper) C programmer either, the main hurdle is (probably) installing a C compiler and the commandline for gcc (or whatever) - but in theory whatever command line(s) euc is invoking could just be copied?
The one thing I really cannot and should not be responsible for is the documenting of any additional installation and setup needed for various platforms, or (eg) testing on a Raspberry Pi.
[Raspberry Pi is probably a very distant target, I don't think euc supports it, and getting this whole project to self-host (and then some) is probably needed first.]

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