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ChrisB said...

Hi Kat

Yeah, I wrote that , you can hear my dulcid tones on the youtube video. I think it demos quite nicely the use of wiringPi.

What undefined calls - maybe I can point you in the right direction.



Thanks, Chris. What i didn't know when i wrote that was the use of "wiringpi" and where the include files were. I zoomed down the webpage and, expecting one OE file that contained the total code to operate the pins, missed the include files. I expected nothing more than a peek() or poke() or puts() or getc() to access the pins. I found pinMode() and digitalWrite() and immediately went on a search for them and could not find them in any OE manual. I felt like that was the start of a rabbit hole looking for include files to an OS i have no clue about. Indeed, i found the webpage of the author of wiringpi, and he pretty much says "don't use this", based on hackery and different raspi versions. So i didn't edit my post here about about not having code defining pinMode() and digitalWrite(). I remember reading something by a nix guru that such devices in nix are all treated the same, as if they were files, and were accessed with simple read() and write() commands. A couple hours of web searching and reading was not enlightening.

This is like buying a "car" and then needing to locate all the actual parts and programming spread all over the world for completing the "car" before you can use it. It's not your fault, it's just the way it is.


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