Original date:2021-08-03 04:03:04 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Freeglut Wrapper?

Hi Andy

It would certainly be of interest (to me at least), but I'm not sure how much benefit there would be to the community.

I seem to be playing more with Godot and AppGameKit Studio and Micro Studio these days, which are all in one development systems. This is where the killer app lies, and eu would fill this nicely.

So here's the challenge to you Andy (as this is above my ability / time availability), create an all in one development system, using, and hiding, ONE of the libraries you have created (so as not to dilute, complicate,confuse), that uses Eu as it's language.

Or how about a Vulkan wrapper,as this is C rather than C based.

Pease don't get despondent - I love your wrappers, and converting them to Phix - you've already done the hard work!



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