Original date:2021-05-29 22:28:03 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Bug in 64 bit Phix

Yep, that was precisely it.

9999999994 === #2540BE3FA, and pilx86.e/emitHexDword()  
   was emitting #540BE3FA, dropping the #2 high-dword. 

It now checks for v<-#80000000 or v>#7FFFFFFF, and there is a new emitHexQuadword() for cases that need it.

Thanks. I had a bit of brain-freeze due to the rather long-winded wild goose chase it took to get to the above example.

(Of course I've run slap into the next issue... then again me finding them has to be better than shipping a release w/o detecting them)

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