Original date:2021-05-26 08:40:09 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: replace()ing a crash

Graeme said...

suddenly started exiting without any warning or output.

Can you try this:

function replace3(sequence s,object o1,object o2)  
    for x=1 to length(s) do  
        if equal(s[x],o1) then  
        end if  
    end for  
    return s  
end function  
?replace3({"this","that"},"that","other")   -- {"this","other"} 
function replace4(sequence s,object o1,object o2)  
    s[o2..o2] = o1 
    return s  
end function  
?replace4({"this","that"},"that","other")   -- ??? 

Should that be crashing (on Euphoria) without a proper message/ex.err then it should be looked into (but not by me, sorry).

Note that Phix [not that you use that] needed a minor tweak to builtins/VM/pFixup.e to report the error correctly inside replace4() (many thanks), although it did at least show the failing call to replace4().

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