Original date:2021-04-29 07:50:08 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: product() unexpected result

Can you provide me with a practical example of where product({}) returning 0 would actually be useful? [For me docs]

(you can ignore this now:)
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In a quick search I found that Haskell and Python are quite adamant the answer should be 1.

Update: I've just found a still-commented-out function I wrote in mpfr.e:

function mpz_vecprod(sequence s, object zls=1) 
-- Fast vector multiplication. 
-- Multiplying the vector elements in pairs is much faster for essentially  
--  much the same reason that merge sort is faster than insertion sort. 
--  Improved rosettacode/Primorial_numbers from 6 minutes to 6 seconds!!!! 
-- NB: Input sequence s (must all be mpz) is damaged. Returns an mpz. 
--     Obviously zls allows you to specify the result when {} is passed, 
--     since I imagine there'll be cases where you'd rather get a zero, 
--     and just like mpz_init(), zls can be an integer, atom, or string. 

So maybe the answer is for product() to have an optional second parameter, as above defaulting to 1.

(See for the precursor to that, without the zls parameter)
(Note that mpz_vecproc() is/will be obliged to return an mpz, so zls must be "numeric", but that's not necessarily true for product(), though probably still a good idea?)

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