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ghaberek said...

P.S. I edited your post to use <eucode> tags to format your code. You can also use {{{ for blocks of fixed-width text and ## for inline fixed-width text. If you click "Edit" on your post you'll see the changes I made. See CreoleHelp for more details.


Thanks Greg, yes that is much clearer.

ghaberek said...

Win32Lib is going to need a major overhaul to support memstructs, which would then make it 64-bit compatible. Volunteers are always welcome!


It would be nice to have that kind of spare time. Over the years I have ended up wading through the code of various win32lib versions to tweak bits and pieces that wouldn't do the right thing for me. If I using it I will probably end up contributing a few small edits occasionally.

Years ago I made a scaled down version that used the same names and handled a small set of basic controls with a lot less overhead. It worked ok as a drop in replacement for small apps that didn't need anything fancy. I think it's in the corner of a dusty folder somewhere under a teetering pile of other unfinished projects.

ChrisB said...


I wouldn't call myself a maintainer, but I did do a few tweaks to make it Eu 4.1 compatible. It is linked here.

Anybody is more than welcome to do whatever they like with it, it's certainly not mine. There are a few offshoots of this library, and perhaps they should be all brought together.

Even though I mostly use and play with Phix now, eu is still the 'fire up' program for .exw files, and win32lib still fires up beautifully.

I have also a worked on a (mostly) working Phix win32lib, but as always I get distracted by other stuff, and dip back into it every now and again.

The wiki would be a good place to put pointers and links to these libs, but it's quite hard to navigate and find stuff on in a logical way.



Cool. Yes that's the version I currently have. I have just been (finally) getting an EU4+ installation working on my win10 machine. I have only ever really used <= 3.1.1 on <= winXP before that. Have never really checked out Phix, but I was always a fan of Pete's work back in the day, so I would expect it's a good thing.

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