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ChrisB said...

Hi Andy

If you are looking for a need from people who will actually use it, I would say with the small user base that Eu has it would be a thankless task.

However, if you are doing entirely for your own need to 'climb it because it's there' then that is an admirable reason, and I would say definitely go for it. I for one follow you avidly, and am currently making heavy use of your SDL 2 library.

In short don't be disheartened by people not using your stuff, but just do it anyway.

As an aside, I just picked up a couple of VB6 for Dummies books - have you seen how fast that IDE starts?



Its nice to see that some of my wrappers are being used. SDL2 was my first big wrapper project. I continue to update as SDL2 gets updated. I think my hope was that I would be able to make some pocket change from my wrappers, even if it was small donations through Paypal or Patreon. I have also made wrappers for other languages, my github has them if you wanna see. Yes VB6 IDE is very fast, much faster than Visual Basic.NET

As for Tk, I'll probably hold off on that. I should probably update my IUP wrapper. Its been awhile. I did use Win32lib heavily back in the day. However Win32liv is Windows only, though it is still a good library.

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