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Original date:2021-04-07 10:11:07 Edited by: Graeme Subject: Win32lib tweak

Hi EU people :) Apologies, not really sure who is maintaining win32lib or where I should be posting this but...

Not a big issue but I think the setTCVisible() procedure needs a slight tweak

procedure setTCVisible(integer TC_id,integer flag)
integer tab_id

if ctrl_Type[TC_id] = TabControl then
tab_id = getTabItem(TC_id)
end if
end procedure

I'm unsure why the call_proc() would be outside of the if ctrl_Type[TC_id] = TabControl block as it uses tab_id for a parameter which would be unassigned if the test failed. It's also worth pointing out that this error has never occurred because test is itself redundant anyway as the only 2 source lines that call the procedure do it as a result of this same check so it will never fail.

getTabItem() returns 0 if there is no currently selected tab item in the control, so it is quite possible to get an OOB subscript crash just by creating a tab control and calling setVisible() on it.

I would suggest the following:

procedure setTCVisible(integer TC_id,integer flag)
integer tab_id

tab_id = getTabItem(TC_id)
if tab_id then
call_proc(r_setControlVisible,{ctrl_Group[tab_id],flag})\ end if
end procedure

Arguably there is no real need to call setVisible() on a tab control before it has an active tab item, but I don't think the lib should be crashing with an OOB subscript just because of that and it's cleaner code anyway.

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