Original date:2021-02-22 14:21:11 Edited by: katsmeow Subject: Re: [phix] if 'number' then why not 'list' ?

irv said...

Yep. When Rob first implemented the "include as", it was possible to do multiple includes under different namespaces, and have separate instances of a variable. That didn't last long, he quickly "fixed" it - presumably due to side effects (he didn't share).

Thank you Irv, it's been enlightening.

With a slight change to the shared variables preprocessor, i can include cow.e as something file many times, once for each umm, situation, being it's understood every variable and code block has a different name, based on the something in the include declaration, approximately like class naming is. It's only a way to get around the "fix" Rob did to the original "bug", and it's going to grow the load time and memory use accordingly.


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